Monday, March 28, 2005

X-tra Bench Competition

Well, I made it in the Acxiom "X-tra Bench" weight lifting competition this year! Out of 14 contestants, I placed 4th ( lifting 185 pounds 24 times ).

The "X-tra Bench" is a competition that consists of how many times you can lift 185 pounds on a flat bench. This competition is the little brother to the "Big 10" competition, which is how many times you can lift 225 pounds. Possibly next year I will be able to compete and/or place in the "Big 10".

The above group picture is a snapshot of the top 10 places in the competition ( only 8 people showed up for the picture ).


  1. Anonymous2:18 PM

    still no pic. i want to see this big bod that i keep hearing about!!!!

  2. Razorgirl11:16 AM

    Way to go Ezekiel!!!