Sunday, May 29, 2005

Abby's Room Renovation

On Memorial Day my Father came to help me renovate Abby's new baby room. We painted the room a pastel pink and installed wainscoting and trim. We rented a nail gun from Home Depot which made process much more pleasant.

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

CrossWalk YAM's Cookout

We had our first CrossWalk YAM's ( Young Adult Married's ) cookout tonight after helping the Hughes move into their new house this morning.

Despite the fact that it is Memorial Day weekend and we had several couples out of town... we still had a good turnout. The Chapin, Hayes, Siegel, Manor, and Harris families ( and children ) all came together for a fun time of fellowship and food!

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Paul and Megan's Wedding

Our Cousin, Megan McDonald, was married to Paul this weekend at the Harpeth Hills Church of Christ in Nashville, TN. This happens to be the same Church where Andrea and I got married 5 years ago on May 29th, 2000.

It was a good weekend of family, food, and fun.

There was a lot of hard work put into making this wedding go smoothly. Let me tell you... all the hard work paid off. The event was beautiful and memorable.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hall Family Scrapbook: Page 2

This is the second page of the colossal Hall Family scrapbook project.

This scrapbook page depicts pictures of Moni Hall's and Byron Farrar's Maternal Grandparents and Uncles.

Click on the above picture to read the journaling on the scrapbook page.

This page went much faster than the first and Andrea has made considerable progress with pages three and four. Her special scrapbook corner is all in order and she intends to do as much as she can before Abby comes.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mother's Day Weekend

Andrea and I each went to visit our parents for Mother's Day weekend.

I went to Searcy, AR to visit my Mother. My Dad and I were able to lacquer Abby's baby bed that Andrea's Grandfather built us. After a long day on our feet, my Mom and I watched a movie together. On Sunday we all went to Melbourne, AR where my Dad preaches. The above picture was taken in front of my Mother's roses in their back yard.

Andrea went to Henderson, TN to visit her Mother.

They had a great girls' weekend together.

While she was there they went shopping, had a pedicure, and attended a tea party fundraiser for Freed Hardeman University.

Andrea also received a surprise pot of azalea flowers that Abby sent to honor her.

The picture to the right is from the tea party Andrea and her Mother attended.