Saturday, March 25, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Hooray! Our house has been built, we have closed, and we have moved in!

We are very excited to be out of the apartment and in a much roomier space! It was difficult going from a house in Little Rock back to an apartment, however, it did make the move into this house that much sweeter.

I would like to thank our family, Andrew Stewart, and the Western Hills Church of Christ for helping us move in and unpack. You all were life savers!

Also a special thanks goes out to our realtor, Molly Edmondson. I highly recommend her services for anyone selling or buying a house in the Nashville area. She is great at what she does!


  1. Rodney8:42 AM

    Beautiful house! Post some more pictures for us if you have them. Jo Ann starts week 27 of pregnancy tomorrow! Our baby boy will be here soon! I hope you guys are doing great. Miss you around here.

  2. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I love being updated with what's goin' on with you guys. I especially love watch Abbie grow up! She's adorable!!! What a great way to keep in touch! Your house is so nice! Do you have inside pics too? I'm glad you guys are so happy where you are! Also glad to hear you had a great realtor and church behind you! Miss you guys! Love, Gina Harmon