Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mosquito Old

It's official, I can't hear the mosquito ringtone any longer! With that, I'll share that I'm now 31 years old... and I mean old!

After a really loud ring from a friend's cellphone I remembered about a new mosquito ringtone that supposedly only kids could hear. I tried it out a year ago and I remember being able to hear it.

I downloaded the ringtone from the internet and played it, but to my surprise I could not hear it! Was it a defective mp3? Nope, my young friends proved to me that they could hear it loud and clear and they didn't have to have their heads right up to the computer like I was :)

The New York Times did an article about this ringtone last year.

I told one of my young friends, "If you want to make someone feel old, play that ringtone for them."

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