Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MacBook Pro

Well, I have taken the Mac plunge! I know many developers who wouldn't even consider making the switch, but over the years I have seen the light and have changed my ways!

I was looking for a better computer to work on video, pictures, etc... and I am sure enjoying working on the MacBook Pro. Andrea and Abby also like using the Mac!

Sure, I still use a PC for work, but when I come home I use a Mac :) If I got real serious I could even get VMware Fusion and run Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and any other PC program on the Mac.

Even if you don't like Macs, you have to admit those Mac Commercials are pretty funny! LOL


  1. Of course there's nothing wrong with a Mac, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise... Afterall, a Mac can run NetBSD, too!

  2. Will and I can't wait to make the Mac Pro Plundge this summer.

  3. Stephanie Nichols4:57 PM

    SO excited you got a Mac. They are the best and you will love it!