Friday, January 09, 2009

Enoch @ 6 Months

Enoch is now 6 months old!

He is sitting up well on his own now and he's also started eating baby food. Andrea and Abby have had fun making most of his baby food together. So far he's had: sweet potatoes, asparagus, avacado, mango and banana.

Enoch can hold his own bottle for the most part. Abby has also been a big help in feeding him.

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  1. It is fun making food for our little ones isn't it? Our boys loved papaya at the beginning of the food adventure along with the ones you're doing... it helped their little systems adjust to solid food really well too (if you know what I mean :) Grant cannot get enough of cooked apples, peas, green beans and basically anything else I put in front of him... it is one of the benefits of living here where everything is so fresh... but the ladies here swear that I shouldn't try mango with him until he's over two... something about it being really hard on the stomach... maybe I'll give a try anyway.