Saturday, August 22, 2009

Helping With Dinner

Abby's been enjoying helping with dinner lately. She especially enjoys helping me snap green beans. The smell of fresh green beans brings back memories of snapping beans with my Granny in the summertime. She doesn't really care to eat cooked green beans, but she's been more willing to try them lately since she's helped prepare them. She's also been known to sneak a few bites of the raw ones. She's also helped prepare a chicken to roast a few times. I know, you look at the picture and wonder how we could let a little person touch raw meat like that. I figure let her do it so she won't be grossed out by it when she's a grown up like I am. We're VERY careful that she doesn't put her hands in her mouth and I wash her hands very well afterwards. I even get the nail brush out. So, not to worry, no salmonella sickness around here.

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