Sunday, April 10, 2005

Bandit's Adoption

Today was a sad day at the Manor house. In stark contrast to the excitement of bringing Bandit to our home, today we solemnly gave Bandit up for adoption.

Bandit has been a good puppy, but with our upcoming baby we have been having numerous doubts about caring for our first baby and caring for a dog. We are convinced that finding another home for Bandit is the best thing for our family, our baby, and for Bandit.

The day we put word out that we had a puppy to give 3 people were immediately interested. Apparently, Shih Tzus are in high demand. We went and visited each family before making our decision.

We decided upon a very friendly older woman, Yvonne Peterson ( seen in the above picture ), whose dog recently passed away from old age. She lives alone and in her words, she is "...looking for a companion, not a pet". Bandit will get lots of love, attention, and exercise ( she takes daily morning walks ).

We feel really good about Yvonne as Bandit's new caretaker. We will miss Bandit, however, she said we are welcome to come and visit and even mentioned that we could dog-sit him when she is out of town.

For more pictures visit my Bandit's Adoption Yahoo! Photo Album

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