Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Tel-Beth Shemesh

My Dad is currently serving as field director on an archeology excavation in Tel-Beth Shemesh

In my Dad's words... "One aspect of our project is the uncovering of the Middle Bronze Age gate ( ca. time of Abraham ) which had been excavated in 1912. It is fascinating to see it uncovered again. We are otherwise continuing our study of the transition from the Canaanite occupation to that of the Israelites."

My Dad has been going to Israel on excavations most every summer since he started teaching Bible and Archeology at Harding University. He is the closet person to Indian Jones that I know. His work office is full of an assortment of artifacts, books, posters, and reproductions.

In addition to teaching at Harding University, he often presents archaeological seminars at Churches across the United States. Seeing how archaeological discoveries reveal locations and/or events from the Bible encourages many believers and strengthens their faith. I am very proud of my Dad. He is a very hard worker and his life has touched many lives... especially mine.

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