Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Abby's Birth

Today is the day we have been waiting for. Abigail Marie Manor has arrived.

Minutes after midnight Andrea's water broke while we were asleep in bed. We headed to Saint Vincent Doctor's hospital around 1:00 AM and eventually at 4:17 PM Andrea delivered our first child. Abby was born at 6 pounds 11 ounces and 19 1/4 inches long.

As you might expect, we are very excited and tired! We appreciate all of the visits, e-mails, and calls that you all have made. Please excuse us if we don't get to answer every one of them immediately.

At this point, I'm sure you are wanting to see some pictures of Abby.

For more pictures visit my Abby's Birth Yahoo! Photo Album


  1. Congratulations!! Sonya and I are so excited for you guys! I wish that we lived closer so that we could get together more often. Know that you both and Abby will continually be in our prayers.

    Happy Birthday, little one!

  2. Praise God!
    Laura and I are happy to hear that Abby is finally here. Congratulations.

    We look forward to seeing more pictures and hearing stories of Abby. She is a blessing from the Lord.

    In Him,
    Gary and Laura Bull

  3. How exciting! Congrats dad!!

  4. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Wow! Congratulations. She's beautiful!
    Andrea, How can you possibly look so good?

    Love, Aunt Beth

  5. Jeff & Stacey Moore2:08 PM

    Daughters are such a HUGE blessing from God! It makes me want to have another one just hearing about it. But don't tell Stacey! I love you three and I hope to see Abby soon. But not until you have caught up on your sleep. Know that we love you and have been so blessed by knowing you both. My prayer is that Abby will grow stong and healthy and do amazing things for her Lord. She certainly has two great role models. Happy B-Day Abby Marie Manor.

    Love you guys! Jeff, Stacey, McKenna & Magdalen

  6. Welcome to the world, Abby.

  7. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Thanks for sending me notice that your baby was born. Congratulations! I know that you guys are very excited.

    I''ll have to pass the word to Eleanor and Cornilya and other ex-Aqua Moms.


  8. Welcome to the world Abby! You are beautiful, and your mom and dad look very happy (and tired)!!

    Congratulations to the whole fam!

  9. Congratulations, you two (three!). May God be with your family as Abby grows and as Elijah moves to his new job.

  10. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Hey guys!
    So happy to hear that little Abby arrived happy and healthy! May God bless your newly expanded family! I know only too well the blessing this's hard to believe Landon is 11 weeks today. Time simultaneously flies and creeps by! We'll pray for continued blessings in your lives.
    Candy Summerhill

  11. Anonymous10:49 AM

    YOU HAVE A KID!!!!!

    HOLY Kanole (did I spell that right?!)

    Dude congratulations...Oh btw this is Jeremy...from High Austin gave me the Url, now I'll be haunting you Muahahahaha....seriously Congrats man!

  12. Stacey Moore10:55 AM

    Jeff just told me last night that you had Abby. We are so excited to see that beautiful baby girl in your arms. She is absolutely beautiful!! It is the most amazing love. I think God allows us a glimpse into what His love is like when we ourselves experience loving a child, especially when you see just how willing you are to sacrifice anything (sleep intially)for this precious child.We love you both so much and are confident that you will raise her to love our Father so very much.We can't wait to see you and hold that baby girl. Now that is something Jeff and I know something about-loving those baby girls. Love you all, Stacey, Jeff, McKenna, & Magdalen

  13. Marilyn Fowler10:14 AM

    We praise God at the safe arrival of your precious little girl!! I know you will be great parents!!
    Love, Marilyn Fowler