Saturday, September 03, 2005

Abby's First Bottle

Last night was my first all night position on baby duty.

Up to this point, Andrea has been very sweet and understanding by taking care of night duty so that I can have ample sleep for my first work week at Perks.

Now that the weekend has approached I can take over the night duty for Friday and Saturday night. This not only should enable Andrea to get more uninterrupted sleep so that she can be better rested, but it is a great opportunity for me to have bonding time with Abby.

We were a little concerned that Abby might not take the bottle, but she latched on with ease and is eating like a pro.

After experiencing my first all night baby duty I want to brag on my wife for a minute. I am very impressed at Andrea's motherly skills. I am amazed at her patience with Abby. I am overjoyed to watch her sing songs and play with Abby. I am touched by how gentle she is with Abby. I am comforted that Abby is in great hands during the day. I am blessed to have a wonderful wife and beautiful daughter.

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  1. Matthew Ensor2:44 PM

    --just wait until that first smile.