Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Chris Tomlin Indescribable Tour

Along with what seemed thousands of other people, Andrea and I attended the Chris Tomlin Indescribable Tour ( with Matt Redman and Louie Giglio ) at the Immanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock.

While we were there we ran into several people from our past ( member's from Coventant Fellowship and Little Rock Church ) and present ( member's from CrossWalk Family of God ).

The event was much more than a concert. All of the lyrics were displayed on the overhead screen which allowed for audience participation. It was really more of a worship time than anything else. I really enjoyed Louie Giglio's message during the middle of the night. He had a great way of expressing the vastness of God and how we are very tiny specks in comparison to Him. He had some great insights into that concept that I had not thought of before.

I want to thank BJ and Carina Arnold for taking care of Abby while we attended the Indescribable Tour. We have some very great and giving friends and the Arnolds are definitely on the top of the list. Thank you again!

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