Saturday, April 29, 2006

Vic Zoogirl

Abby and I went to the Nashville Zoo with the Stricklands. This was Abby's second time to the zoo. Andrea took her several weeks ago while I was at work with Gere Acevedo and her boys.

During most of our zoo trip Abby was more interested in the people and nearby plants than the animals. I think the animals were just too distant and lackadaisical for her to notice them, however, the Ring-Tailed Lemurs ( as seen in the above picture ) were very active and caught her attention. You can't see her face in this picture because she is very focused on the lemurs. If you want to see her face you can check out my photo album below :)

You might be wondering where Andrea was during our zoo trip. She was feeling under the weather. She is now feeling better after taking some antibiotics.

For more pictures go to my Zoo with Daddy Yahoo! Photo Album.

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