Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jello Jigglers

Andrea is teaching Abby the different colors of the rainbow and she started with the color red.

One of the activities Andrea did to reinforce the color red was to make Jello Jigglers with Abby. Abby had fun mixing the Jello, making the jigglers shapes, and most of all eating it!

In addition to the Jello Jiggler activity, Andrea made a red box filled with numerous red items such as a red car, a red YoYo, a red crayon, a red apple, a book about red, a red spoon, red Legos, etc... I thought that was a really neat idea and Abby loves it!

For more pictures go to my Jello Jigglers Picasa Web Album.

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  1. Wow - I'm feeling REALLY slooow right now seeing as how I just read your post about your dad and realized for the very first time that Dr.Manor is your father!!! I had him for one semester and it was seriousely the BEST Bible class I'd ever had - he is such a great professor and I know HU is missing having him there this semester! You must love hearing him talk about Archeology and mission fields, ect...his class was really so interesting and I thorougly enjoyed his extra credit project!

    Neways, looks like you all are havin' fun with Abby - she's such a cutie! Have fun playin' in the "nunnel" and eating those jigglers! :)