Friday, April 06, 2007

We're Debt Free!

As we mentioned in an earlier blog entry, we have been attending Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University since the beginning of the year.

On behalf of our family, I am proud to say that we are DEBT FREE (minus our house)!

We are now working on Baby Step 3, which is saving up 3 to 6 months of take home pay for a fully funded emergency fund.

I'd like to thank Dave and his staff for their ministry, Marshall for teaching our class, our fellow classmates for their encouragement, and our good friends and financial counselors the Crowleys.


  1. Freakin' Awesome!!! I'm so excited for you guys. What an accomplishment! How are things going otherwise? We'll have to have you over to the new house sometime this summer. Talk to you later.

  2. Hi, we've never met, but I did a google image search for "debt free" and your blog came up as my first image. I read your message and I wanted to say congratulations on your achievement!

    My wife, son, (and one on the way) and I are a Christian family in Atlanta, GA. We got a hold of Dave's book about two and a half years ago and I'm proud to say that we'll also be debt free (minus the house) in just a few days!

    Congratulations again and God bless!

    Andrew Patceg

  3. Anonymous3:31 PM

    That is wonderful!! My husband and I are also debt free except for the house as of yesterday! We started reading Dave's book in January of 2008, We've been married for almost 25 years and have two teenagers and just wished we had been smarter about money when our family was starting out. It's great to see a young family like you take charge of your life. B


  4. I found you by googling for a debt free picture for my dream board! What an inspiration. I recently started an online class of Dave Ramsey's and unfortunately didn't finish, but I do have all the information and a book. I planned on starting over after my wedding in September.... Congrats on your success and I hope I can do it too!

  5. Anonymous7:42 PM

    We just finished Daves course and are also debt free minus the house. I would like to offer congratulations also. WTG!!!!

  6. I've started 2 months ago, I'm lucky that my wife is with me all the way, and she likes what we're doing, I'm lucky that I could get 0% credit cards for 18 months which will help alot in my debt free dream without having to pay interest that could slow us down. it is exciting to know that you're debt free, and that gives me alot of courage to move forward and LIVE LIKE NO ONE ELSE to LIVE LIKE NO ONE ELSE!! :)