Saturday, June 02, 2007

Flower Girl

We drove to Springdale, AR for Health and Caitlin's wedding. Andrea was the maid of honor and this was Abby's first experience as a flower girl.

Before we left Andrea checked-out several books from the library about flower girls and we even practiced several times in our living room (we set up chairs and had stuffed animals as guests).

Abby's great aunt, Beth, made her dress and boy was it beautiful. The day of the wedding came and everything seemed fine, however, I think it upset Abby to watch Andrea walk down the isle moments before her big moment. When it came time for Abby to walk, she was not happy. She threw down her flowers and was not going to budge. At that moment, my role as a flower girl assistant became very important. I proudly picked her up, held her flower, and carried her down the isle.

We enjoyed seeing family and supporting them in this special event. Congratulations Health and Caitlin! May God bless your marriage and draw you closer everyday.

On our way to and from Springdale, AR some of our friends let us stay with them to break up our trip. We stayed with the Wrights in Memphis on our way to Springdale, and we stayed with the Moores in Little Rock on our way back home. Thank you both for your hospitality. It was good to catch up with you all again.

For more pictures go to my Health and Caitlin's Wedding Picasa Web Album.

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  1. Anonymous5:39 AM

    What a cute picture to visualize - Daddy carrying the flower girl!- She's a doll! Andrea, you looked beautiful! and Elijah, of course, you were very handsome! It's always good to see updates and learn how you're all doing! I'm in Florida with Lindsey, Chad, and my 2 grandbabies, Shepherd and Rauly and having a wonderful time! Take care! Love, Gina