Sunday, October 14, 2007

Andrea's Birthday Party

I gave Andrea a surprise birthday party this year. The great thing is that she didn't even see it coming until she opened the door to our house!

I made the following movie to commemorate her childhood. As you watch the movie notice how similar Abby looks when Andrea was her age. Its almost as if we have a glimpse as to how Abby will look in a couple years. If she turns out anything like Andrea, she will be breath taking.

Thank all of you who attended the party and for helping me make it a success. A lot of work went into planning, preparing, and executing the party. A special thanks goes out to Barbara O'hara, Chris Peacock, Carole McDonald, and John and Freda Hall. Also, thanks to everyone for keeping it a secret!

You can also view a larger version of the above video on Google Video.

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