Friday, February 29, 2008

February Preschool

Andrea and Abby had two themes for our preschool this month.

They first learned about Valentines and tea parties. This was the perfect time to talk about love and the different ways we can show love to others (hugs, kisses, sharing toys, kind words, giving gifts etc.). They invited our preschool friends over for a Valentine Tea Party. The girls had a great time decorating hats, singing I"m a Little Teapot, Ringing around the Rosie, marble art and of course having cucumber sandwiches and "tea."

The last two weeks in February, Abby and Andrea learned about Doctors and germs. Their theme Bible story was the Good Samaritan. They had a great time acting out the story, we took turns being the hurt person and the Good Samaritan. Abby also had pink eye this month, so there was a great opportunity for talking about germs and hand washing.

There were so many fun activities.

For those of you who are interested, you can view the details of Abby's Daily Preschool Program for the month of February.

For more pictures go to my February Preschool Picasa Web Album.

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  1. Andrea
    I love to look at your blog and the wonderful things you are doing!!!
    Abby is so big and beautiful and she is so blessed to have a mom like you

    You always inspire me!!!
    Costa Rica