Saturday, May 24, 2008

Family Fun Night: Homeward Bound II

We had another Family Fun Night last night.

We watched the movie "Homeward Bound II." The first movie was much better than the sequal. We had to fast forward through some dog fights and dog napper parts, but overall it was good.

We were able to relate the theme of this movie to God. In case you haven't seen it, the movie is about 3 pets that get lost from their family. We talked about how when we disobey God, we are lost from Him, and how happy God is when we return to Him.

It was neat because earlier in the day Elijah had lost a penny, when he found it, he rejoiced and related it to the "lost coin" parable in the Bible.

We also recalled how earlier that day Abby had lost the flashlight she was playing with and we talked about how sad she was when she couldn't find it. But later that day, she found it and we "rejoiced!"

That's just how sad God is when we are "lost" from Him and how happy He is when we return to Him.

Yes, we realize this is an advanced concept for an almost three year old to understand, but if nothing else, she understands what the word, "lost" means now. We're just trying to plant seeds!

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