Saturday, May 31, 2008

May Preschool

Our themes for this month were Babies (human and animal) and Flowers & Gardens.

I've been on modified bed rest, so I wasn't able to do very many of our activities this month. Abby has really been missing preschool. We did a few preschool type activities, they weren't really related to the theme, though. Some of those ideas came from a book called, Slow and Steady Get Me Ready and also Cullen's ABC's.

We did learn the names of animal babies (pup, kitten, calf, etc.). There were some new ones I learned: did you know a baby fish is called a fry?

Elijah took her to the zoo to see real animal babies, I hated to miss this trip.

We also talked about human babies, nice timing since Enoch will be arriving soon.

We went through a bag of objects related to babies and talked about what they were for. This was great preparation for being a big sister. In the bag we had: diaper, bottle, bib, burp cloth, rattle, pacifier, onesie, diaper cream. Now when I need a burp cloth, Abby will know what I'm talking about!

We really didn't get to the flowers and garden part, but Abby did get to plant some herbs and water flowers when she was at her Memaw and Papa's house.

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  1. Oh, these photos of little Abby are so cute. And I just discovered that you are expecting another baby blessing. Such good news. I will definitely be checking in more often!


    Thanks for the sweet note you left on FAcebook, Lilah is okay, she just had a bad case of Conjunctivitus in both eyes. Yikes!