Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Home Preschool

We've done a few fun activities this month. We made sailboats from ice cube trays and attached foil for the sales. Then we floated them in the sand and water table in the backyard (thank you Guinness family for the loan of the table!) Enoch had fun playing with the foil while Abby sailed the boats. Another day she enjoyed using a medicine dropper to move colored water from one bowl to another. This was a great activity to do while I was making dinner.

We have a nice little sidewalk close to our house that is covered with trees. We brought our little people there. Abby made a wonderful little house and garden for them out of the twigs, berries, leaves, etc. that she found nearby. Enoch was so good to just sit in the wagon and play while she made her creation. I love to see her playing pretend and using nature to build things instead of being reliant on toys. I remember making houses for my Glamor Gals (anyone remember those?) when I was little. I used moss for the carpet in the houses I built for them outside. We're looking forward to spending more time outside now that the weather is nice.

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