Monday, May 29, 2006

6th Anniversary

Andrea and I celebrated our 6th year anniversary.

We stayed in Nashville and did some touristy things like visiting the Hermitage and cruising on the General Jackson Showboat.

Andrea's parents (John and Freda Hall) took care of Abby while we enjoyed our anniversary weekend. This was Abby's first weekend away from us. Although we missed her, it was good to have an extended weekend date.

It has been a wonderful 6 years married to my beautiful wife Andrea. I am blessed by God to have found her. Thank you, Andrea, for being such a loving and caring wife to me and mother to our daughter.

For more pictures go to my 6th Anniversary Yahoo! Photo Album.

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  1. I was checking out our blog and there was a comment from Gary and Laura Bull. They remembered us from Searcy and a time when we went to their pad with you guys. It got me thinking about (and missing) you. How have you been? How's Nashville treating you?

    Sonya and I are still here in Knox-vegas, so we should hook up sometime. It's really only about a 3 hour drive. I hope to hear from you soon.