Monday, March 03, 2008

Baby #2's Gender

The day has finally come for Andrea's 20 week ultrasound.

Abby is going to be the proud big sister of a healthy baby boy (the above pictures make that fact real obvious)!

Everything checked out fine with the ultrasound and things seem to be on track.

It will take us a bit longer to figure out his name. We wanted to wait until we knew the gender before we thought about it too seriously :)

Please continue to keep us all in your prayers.... Andrea, myself, Abby, and our baby boy.


  1. Hi you guys! Congratulations on a baby exciting! We'll be keeping all 4 of you in our prayers :)


  2. Congrats!!! Thats great. I will bring cigars to Boot Camp.

  3. Yea! Really happy for you guys! Little boys are so much fun (not that little girls are not, it is just different!) :) We will continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

  4. Congratulations on the baby boy! And good luck with choosing a name; we didn't figure out Noah's name until he was born - of course we weren't expecting him quite so early, either!