Sunday, November 13, 2005

CrossWalk Farewell Potluck

The YAMs ( Young Adult Marrieds ) at CrossWalk Family of God gave us a send off potluck at the Church building. After the main course, other non-YAMs came to join the event. We appreciate all the people who were able to come and wanted to come, but could not.

Andrea and I have very fond memories from CrossWalk and the relationships we formed with the members there. I can still remember how friendly everyone was to us on our first Sunday visiting the Church. Ever since then, our experience continued to be wonderful. We are particularly thankful for how well the Church took care of us during and after Abby's birth. Many people helped provide us with food and babysitting!

CrossWalk will always hold a special place in our hearts. We will miss seeing our Church family there on a regular basis. We hope to keep in touch with many of them through this blog, e-mails, visits, etc...

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  1. All of us at LRC will miss you guys too! I hope the transition is as smooth as possible...