Thursday, November 24, 2005


We had a great Thanksgiving this year at my In-Law's new house in Jackson, TN.

The above picture was taken moments before we all dove into a smorgasbord of tempting food laid out before us. Unfortunately you will not find Abby in the picture. At that time it was taken she was sound asleep taking a nap upstairs. Before we filled our plates Pawi ( Andrea's Paternal Grandfather ) gave us all a history overview of how Thanksgiving started and how it came to be observed today. It was an informative and special moment. Thank you Pawi.

Not only did we have tons of tasty food, but we also had loads of fun playing games such as dominos, spoons, nine hole, etc...

In one way or another everyone made a contribution to why this Thanksgiving was so memorable. So, my thanks goes out to everyone, however, special thanks goes out to my In-Laws ( John and Freda Hall ). Their contribution to the success of this event was unmatched! Thank you again.

Before my Thanksgiving break ended Andrea, Abby, and I met up with my parents for a while and we showed them our new apartment and our house under construction. I am glad we were able to meet up with them and share our new experiences. They are special to me and I love them very much.

For more pictures of our Thanksgiving break ( which include pictures of Abby ) go to my Thanksgiving 2005 Yahoo! Photo Album.

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